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Women in Engineering - Hydro One support

Hydro One - Women in EngineeringStudies show that women bring diverse talents, ideas and approaches to engineering that drive creativity and economic competitiveness, and therefore benefit all of us.

The marketplace needs more women to work in engineering. This is why Hydro One Networks Inc., the largest electricity transmission and distribution company in Ontario, has launched a resourceful initiative to encourage more women to choose this career option.

The Hydro One Women in Engineering University Partnership commits four years and $1.4 million to four universities, including the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), to increase enrolment and career opportunities for female students pursuing science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Dr. Laura Formusa, who retired in January 2013 as President and CEO of Hydro One, has been a devoted advocate for advancing education opportunities for women to develop the utility sector's future workforce. She's also an admirer of UOIT's targeted approach to preparing graduates for tomorrow's workplace. Hydro One has therefore been a key co-op placement source for the university, providing invaluable experience for close to 50 students since 2008. Priorities of the Hydro One Women in Engineering University Partnership include:

  • Increasing female students' awareness of engineering as a career option.
  • Supporting the success of female undergraduates with mentoring and networking.
  • Helping graduates transition into the workforce with co-ops, internships and other supports.

The partnership directs $350,000 to UOIT. The university is implementing complementary initiatives to enhance access and support for women entering engineering. For example, it has created an initiative aimed at understanding what current female Engineering undergraduate students need to be successful in university and beyond. It has also developed a multi-year program to explore avenues for female students to successfully transition into engineering careers.

Carmine Marcello, the current President and CEO of Hydro One, continues to build this relationship. Women make up only about 10 per cent of the electrical engineering workforce in Ontario. Hydro One's female engineering workforce is about twice the industry norm, but "we want to see that number increase," he says.  

Awareness, inspiration and support: The Hydro One-UOIT partnership is providing opportunities that will enable more women to benefit from rewarding engineering careers – and give the world an opportunity to benefit from their talents.

"We are committed to investing in educating and training our future workforce and we understand the benefits, from a personal, professional and societal perspective, of greater involvement of women in science, technology and engineering."

- Carmine Marcello
President and CEO
Hydro One Networks Inc.