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Host an Event


We invite you to share your passion for supporting UOIT with your friends and community. Through events held in your home or through a local organization, you can share the ways their gifts can help empower our students and strengthen UOIT.

Whether you organize a run, hold a garage sale or host an auction, the funds you raise are critical in transforming the world through innovative education!

Please see our “Ways to Give” section to share specific ways to rally support for UOIT.

1. Brainstorm – Be creative and unique when planning your event.
2. Design the Event – Make sure you have the people available to help you with planning a date, location, budget and fundraising goal.
3. Let UOIT Know – We’d love to know the details and help in whatever way we can. Please contact us before your event so we can provide you with more information about approvals and guidelines.
4. Event Day – Enjoy your event!
5. Wrap Up – Submit your funds to UOIT within 30 days of your event so we can send you the proper charitable receipts. Congratulate yourself and thank you from UOIT!

Download the Event Registration Form

IMPORTANT: This form must be submitted no later than two months before your event and approved by UOIT before you secure funds or promote the event.

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